Introducing our new CTO, László Keszthelyi!

László joined the eHealth Software Solutions team on 5th December, and is responsible for the management of the company’s software development and consulting business units, as well as the coordination of the further development of our ClinCoreSysTM / Fókusz ProgramTM modular medical framework, which has been continuously developed for several years, with a special focus on EESZT integration tasks, accreditation compliance and last but not least, the flexible servicing of our changing customer base. 

From 2009, he held senior positions at ISH Informatikai Kft, T-Systems Hungary Zrt and Pan-Inform Kft, and from 2021 he was Director of the Directorate of Sectoral and Institutional Systems at the National Hospital Directorate General (OKFŐ) for two years. Previously, he held the position of Director of Operations of EESZT and e-MedSolution systems at the Health Informatics Service and Development Centre Nonprofit Ltd. 

László’s professional experience and mentality will be instrumental in realising the ambitious plans ahead for eHealth Software Solutions. 

Welcome on board!