About Us

In over ten years of existence, we have grown from a consulting company to a solutions provider. Over the years, we have learned that the only way to succeed is to stand out from the grey and put the focus of our strategy on serving individual needs. This is important because we believe that uniqueness drives the world forward and today the world demands uniqueness.

We see ourselves primarily as a solution provider. One that designs, delivers and operates unique and innovative systems with a focus on customer and user needs.

eHealth Software Solutions Ltd. is one of the leading players in the Hungarian healthcare IT sector. Our proprietary ClinCoreSys system is the basis of several national health research and health care information technology systems. The web application and applications of our Focus ProgramTM platform support the health and therapy management activities of the system users with digital solutions, in addition to providing them with telemedicine-based specialist monitoring by integrating more than 100 measurement tools.

The company’s partners include major hospitals, national medical institutions, central healthcare institutions, multinational healthcare corporations and domestic start-ups. Our company has developed and operates four national disease registries and is an accredited development partner of EESZT (National Healthcare Cloud) and National Health Insurance Fund. Our consulting department has contributed to the development of the health informatics components of sectoral and several thematic national strategies.