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The Focus Program Platform is designed for our institutional clients who are committed to personalised medicine and want to launch healthcare programmes (clinical research, therapy management, rehabilitation, patient support programmes). On the other hand, it is also for our clients who wish to implement health promotion programmes (prevention, screening, sport, telemetry) for healthy individuals using the widest range of information technology tools.

Our platform connects the patient with the care institution, the specialist, the nurse, the relative, using the most advanced IT tools, and also manages a multitude of health situations that can happen to the patient outside the care institution in order to improve his/her health.

In the patient web application and app of our Focus Program Platform, users can create their own medical profile and access their medical findings and examination documents generated in the healthcare institution in the document repository.

We have integrated more than 110 medical measuring devices and smart devices (smart watch, bracelet) into our telemedicine module to organise the results of automatic measurements of vital parameters in 18 health diaries for the patient and in the telemetry system with diagrams for the specialists. In the health diaries, we display data on blood pressure, ECG, pulse, blood oxygen, body weight, exercise, blood glucose, body temperature, nutrition and medication in both graph and list views. Patients can take their own measurements from the app, and healthcare professionals can use these tools to diagnose patients’ conditions.

On the specialist’s website, the doctor can access the patient’s details to log in to the programmes, set up a home therapy plan (e.g. medication, exercise, measurement of vital signs, etc.), which the system monitors and automatically alerts in case of a stall. Users can book appointments for examinations and treatments in the app or via the web interface, or they can also initiate a video consultation with their specialist using the system’s multimedia tools.

The communication module can be used to send individual or bulk messages (email, SMS, PUSH) by automatically sending predefined communication content to the specified target group, be it patient, specialist, professional staff, programme manager, in a process.

And the online triage module’s symptom check and risk assessment function allows the patient to fill in the online indication-specific questionnaire in advance and have it analysed by the healthcare professional before the patient arrives at the institution, and as a result, determine the risk factor, so that the patient journey can be organised in advance on arrival.

The platform is based on our proprietary medical process management system, which allows us to digitise any professional procedure or medical protocol and automate the execution of tasks between the different actors. The program management module monitors the activity of users and shows the progress and completion of the project.

Our clearing module offers online invoicing and credit card payment options, supported by workflow automation to ensure that our customers’ commercial transactions require the minimum possible human resources.

From the data generated in the system, we provide our clients with periodic structured reports and analyses in compliance with legal requirements, but they can also track the progress of their programmes in our web application and create queries using their programme data in our dynamic reporting module.

Our interoperable data link interface system establishes data links with medical systems, EESZT and NEAK according to standard data communication rules.

Our basic principle is to treat each client’s individual needs as a separate project or programme and to include the programme actors in the Focus Programme system according to their respective roles. We organise the interaction between the actors into processes, then assign tasks to the users based on the process steps and assign deadlines to these individual tasks and support this with infocommunication elements (e-mail, sms, push). We therefore create flowcharts from which we produce digitalised protocols, personalised messages from communication templates, thematic questionnaires from our pre-typed form templates, and all of these are loaded into our project management system with medi logic and from there sharpened according to the needs of our customers.

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