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Telemedicine Systems

Telemetric data collection and processing using smart devices will soon break the traditional boundaries of healthcare. Multifunctional smartphones in pockets, tablets in the hand, will provide the means to receive and transmit data from health monitoring devices. As sensor technology rapidly advances, larger traditional meters will be replaced by small wearable devices that do not affect lifestyle but provide accurate data. This development is giving new meaning to both diagnosis and treatment. We are at the doorstep of this revolution and our company is doing everything in its power to ensure that we cross the threshold as soon as possible.

APP and Web Application Development

The widespread adoption of smart mobile devices is transforming the digital health and business administration landscape. Thanks to their hardware capabilities, large-screen “smartphones” and tablets enable the enjoyable display of web and multimedia content, transforming health and wellness into a digital experience. In addition, thanks to falling device prices and simpler but affordable devices from manufacturers, the penetration of smart mobile devices among the general population is growing rapidly. The fact that 2 out of 3 people are now carrying a smartphone in their pockets offers unlimited opportunities in the world of digital health.

Healthcare Workflow Solutions

Our basic principle is to treat each client’s individual needs as a separate project, a programme, and to include the programme actors in the system according to their respective roles. We organise the interaction between the actors into processes, then assign tasks to users based on the process steps and assign deadlines to these individual tasks and support them with communication elements. We therefore create flowcharts from which we produce digitalised protocols, personalised messages from communication templates, thematic questionnaires from our pre-typed form templates, and all these are loaded into our project management system with mediated logic and from there sharpened according to the needs of our customers.

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