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Network Infrastructure

Today, network infrastructure plays an increasingly important role in the life of a healthcare provider. A network infrastructure must be reliable and available at all times for healthcare and business applications to work. It is therefore essential that we have a well-designed network that can be easily extended to meet new requirements as they arise, with the minimum of modification. We are advocates of green IT, for us it is important that a network ideally consists of the fewest components and consumes the minimum amount of electricity, saving the operator significant costs in the short and long term.

Migration and Integration Services

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are important considerations when designing a network. Migration and integration is based on the ability to move different tasks and processes to different environments. And consolidation is the process of consolidating multiple physical servers, databases, operating systems and workflows onto a single server, while increasing system performance and reducing costs.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, a new architecture that is transforming computing, has been the subject of many papers. Our strategic goal is to deliver most of our development as a cloud-based service. Fortunately, our innovative customers have also recognised the benefits of this technology: high availability, monthly fee-based, on-demand service fees. Our developments in Microsoft Azure have opened up a new avenue for us. With a dynamic development environment and service portfolio, we can meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers.

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