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We have transformed many of our R&D and application development project deliverables into standalone software products through a well thought-out licensing policy, in order to serve our customers’ needs with solutions that can be implemented quickly. Our software solutions are tailored to the needs of the healthcare and healthcare industry and are sold to our customers as a ready-to-use product under licence. Each product covers a separate e-health, mhealth area, including proprietary specialised medical project and case management, workflow, communication, specialist medical, registry, telemedicine, patient journey management and home care systems.


Clinical Research System, which manages clinical research in healthcare institutions using ICT tools.


The Clinical Project Management System, which provides centralised management and administration of research and development projects initiated by healthcare and healthcare industry players, supported by IT solutions.


The Clinical WorkFlow System, which supports the visual planning, editing and automatic implementation and control of medical processes, protocols and guidelines using information technology tools.


A Clinical Surveillence System, which supports the processes and tasks of health management of healthy persons or therapy management of patients by means of infocommunication tools.


The Clinical Communication System, which supports the automatic communication between all actors in the healthcare value chain using infocommunication tools. The software communication tools are e-mail, SMS, push message, chat message.


The Clinical Disease Registry System, which implements the functions of a dynamic patient registry based on dynamic real-time data services.


The Clinical Reciept System, which supports the prescription, dispensing and monitoring of medicines and medical devices through IT solutions.


The Clinical Triage System is a software product developed by eHealth Software Solutions Ltd., which is able to manage patients’ appointments online. Its symptom checker and risk assessment module allows the patient to fill in an online indication-specific questionnaire in advance and to be analysed by the care manager before the patient arrives at the institution, and as a result, to determine the risk group the patient belongs to and to organise the patient journey in advance upon arrival at the institution.


Clinical Telemedicine System, which integrates more than 110 medical diagnostic measuring devices and smart devices to provide real-time logs and charts of measurement data from the devices via Bluetooth channel for both the specialist and the patient. The module allows measurement to be performed by multiple devices in the patient’s home and by multiple devices for multiple patients in the office by a specialist, so device connections are always assigned to the person performing the measurement. In addition, its device management function manages the issue, return and logistics of medical devices, in case the measuring devices are temporarily outsourced. Type: web application and mobile application for iOS and Android


Clinical Interoperability System, which provides a standard data communication interface platform for fast and bidirectional data connectivity with health IT systems (central, medical, AI and BI systems) and other general systems (billing and payer).


Clinical Formeditor System, which supports the design, editing, testing and running of any type of form using pre-programmed form field templates. It allows you to create a form not as a development task, but as a parameterisation task. Type: web application


Clinical Administrator System allows any client to freely use ClinProSys, ClinWorkFlowSys, ClinComSys and ClinFormSys. With these modules, you can independently create your own projects, programs, edit processes, forms and communication channels and content.

ClinAppoSys copy

The Clinical Appointment System, a sub-module of the ClinCoreSys integrated system, manages patient appointments to the departments and specialists of the institutions specified by our clients. In the system, institutions can book bulk and individual appointments up to several months in advance, if they predefine the schedules, and can modify these appointments at any time. Patients can also search for care, institution, department, specialist and appointment in the web application and in the Focus Programme app and book an appointment from the available slots. They can also receive email, SMS, PUSH message, calendar entry and a reminder before the appointment. They can cancel the appointment and book a new appointment. A special feature of the system is that it is not only possible to book appointments for physical examinations, but also for video consultations.

ClinVDSys copy

The Clinical VideoDoc System, a multimedia sub-module of the ClinCoreSys integrated system, implements video consultation between patients and specialists, as well as video consultation between one specialist and another. The consultation appointments are booked by users in the ClinAppoSys system. VideoDoc has all the functionality of a state-of-the-art video communication system, in addition to being optimised for the healthcare environment and use cases, so that during the video consultation it is possible to identify the patient, fill in any medical form, share an examination document and record and store the consultation. Dozens of users can be connected to the VideoDoc call at the same time, making the system suitable for managing group health services and sessions without the participants being in the same physical location.

ClinPaySys copy

The Clinical Payment System is a sub-module of the ClinCoreSys integrated system, which automatically issues an invoice for healthcare services on behalf of the provider and allows on-line payment directly to the provider’s account. The client can receive e-mails, SMS, push messages about all events: (pre)invoices, payment events, the provider receives daily, weekly, monthly reports of transactions or can check the status of invoices and payments at any time in our ClinRIPSys system.

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