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IT Consulting

Of course, we can’t do everything, but we have established professional relationships in many areas of information technology, enabling us to draw on the expertise of outstanding professionals to help us deliver our projects. Our partners choose us primarily for our knowledge and experience in the healthcare domain.

Legal IT Advice

The handling and processing of health data is a sensitive area. Do you know the difference between the rights and obligations of a data controller and a data processor? What are the rules that need to be complied with when physically storing data? How and for how long should health data be stored? On what basis can data be processed and what are the limitations? These are just a few of the questions that all health IT organisations have a duty to consider.

IT Security

In today’s fast-paced world, the risks associated with the IT systems, resources and processes that serve healthcare processes need to be continuously analysed and, as far as possible, controlled and corrected. Security processes must be designed so that when security problems arise, we are able to take appropriate action as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the greatest risk to our systems is posed by ourselves, the users of IT tools. Security solutions, education and greater effort can minimise the threat and the resulting damage: avoiding system downtime and the leakage of sensitive data.

Go 2 Market

The biggest problem and weakness of innovative healthcare SMEs is their lack of market access experience. Just because a ground-breaking idea is conceived and a prototype is built does not mean that their product will be sold. Without a thorough analysis of the market, competitors, target group, legal environment and financing, they cannot develop a market entry strategy and a viable development can quickly become a failure. Our team takes a holistic approach to each of these tasks and tries to find tailor-made solutions.

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