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If you are healthy then, the Focus Programme can help you manage your health, your pre-existing conditions. Measure your vital signs, set health plans, set goals and track your progress.

Our Products

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As a result of many years of experience and the continuous development of our own products, in 2021 we created our own e-health platform, called the Focus Programme. With the Focus Programme, we have created a platform where health-conscious people and patients who want to recover can find the path to health through thematic health promotion or care programmes. The platform supports specialists and nurses to deliver care to their patients faster, more conveniently and safely through innovative e-health solutions. We provide an end-2-end solution by connecting health-conscious individuals with their health managers and patients with their doctors and caregivers to stay healthy and achieve their goals through our innovative web and mobile app solutions.

Focus Programme – Focus on health!

Our great dream and desire has been fulfilled through years of systematic development, but we know that the development of the Focus Programme Platform will never be finished, because the innovative ideas and needs in the health sector keep us working.


The results of our numerous R&D&I and application development projects have been transformed into stand-alone software products through a well thought-out licensing policy, in order to provide customers with solutions that can be implemented quickly. Our software solutions are tailored to the needs of the healthcare and healthcare industry and are sold to our customers as a finished product under licence. Each product covers a separate e-health, mhealth area, so they offer in-house developed specialised medical workflow, communication, registry, clinical research project and case management, follow-up and surveillance systems among their licensed products.

As a result of our projects and tenders, our licensing portfolio is constantly expanding with new innovative products.

Our Services

IT Consulting

Of course, we can’t do everything, but we have established professional relationships in many areas of information technology, enabling us to draw on the expertise of outstanding professionals to help us deliver our projects.

Custom Software Development

Telemetric data collection and processing using smart devices will soon break the traditional boundaries of healthcare.

Research Development

Our company’s core objective is to transfer innovation, i.e. to successfully perform innovation management activities with high added value in the health IT sector.

Infrastructure Solutions

Today, network infrastructure plays an increasingly important role in the life of a healthcare provider.

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