Hardware Solutions

Today, network infrastructure is playing an increasingly important role in the life of a healthcare provider. Healthcare and business applications are a prerequisite for network infrastructure and needs to work reliably, consistently and always be available. It is therefore essential to have a well-designed network that can easily be expanded to meet new requirements based on demand. We champion green solutions and it is important to us that a network should utilize the smallest components, conserve energy consumption and reduce operational cost to a minimum.

Migration and infrastructure solutions

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness is important when designing a network. Migrating different tasks and processes is the foundation for migration and integration. In the process of consolidation, we combine servers, databases, operating systems and workflows into a central server, which increases system performance and reduces costs.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing, is widely debated in many publications, it is the new architecture that is transforming the IT industry. Our strategic goal is to develop software within this cloud-based environment. Our innovative customers have already recognized the benefits of this technology: it’s high availability, based on monthly fees and service charges. Utilizing the Microsoft Azure platform, we have opened new ways to help our clients. Within our dynamic development environment and service portfolio, we can meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers now and in the future.