Telemedicine systems

Telemetric data gathering and processing through smart devices will soon become denorme in the traditional framework of healthcare. Pocket multifunctional smartphones and handheld tablets will provide you with the ability to recive and transmit data to/from health measuring instruments. With the rapid development of censor technology lager traditional traditional bulky measuring instruments are beeing replaced by small wearable devices that provide accurate data to help enhance life expactancy. This development gives a new meaning of diagnosis and healing. We are at the forefront of this revolution and our company is consantly innovating and developing new technics to meet new challanges that occure.

APP and web application development

The widespread use of smart mobile devices has transformed the possibilities of digital healthcare and business administration. Large-display “smartphones”, tablets – thanks to their hardware capabilities – have given way to an enjoyable display of web and multimedia content, thus transforming healing and healthcare into a digital experience. Thanks to simple-to-use, yet cost-effective devices marketed by manufacturers, the penetration of smart mobile devices has grown rapidly amongst the general public. The fact that 2 out of 3 people use a smartphone gives unlimited opportunities in the digital healthcare world.

Healthcare workflow solutions

Using electronic workflow solutions healthcare can be made simpler, safer and more cost-effective. Teamwork solutions focus on individual healthcare needs combining project management, healthcare specialist and professional teams in different locations.