IT consultants

Our clients seek out our specific healthcare knowlage as we have. We have a wide range of internal competencies which can be supplemented by external support if required. We have access to the leading providers in the healthcare industry.

IT law consultants

Handling of sensitive data is a fraught area for all data handlers. For example understanding the legal obligations placed on the data handler and data processer is a complex area of law; data storage in the health care industry and the time requirements.

IT security

In an increasing world of global virus attacks it is essential to have top quality IT security systems and procedures to counter such events. We specialize in prevention and support when required. We are developing systems to help protect misuse, either accidently or deliberately by system users.


The biggest problem of innovative healthcare SME’s is the lack of market access experince. Despite the conception of an epoch-making idea and construction of the prototipe it is still an uphill stuggle to deliver the product to market. Without correct marketing, competitive analysis, specifing the target group, and legal complience and adecuate funding it is inpossible determine an entry strategy. This means a potential viable development can quickly turn to failiure. Our experinced holistic approach unables us to provide practical and custumized solutions to this challenges.